Letter for Jennifer

Good morning!

Today is a special day! Special, as it is the first day, we are gathered in our new, temporary home of worship.

And, also special, because today, we have the opportunity to recognize and thank Pastor Jennifer for all she has done.

• Please join me in applauding Jennifer!

Thank you Pastor Jennifer! You are wonderful!! You inspire us! We want you to know: WE APPRECIATE YOU! And, we are grateful!

Together, we have experienced upheaval, and deep sorrow. During this crisis, Pastor Jennifer has been our rock. Giving us guidance, perspective and hope. Over these last few weeks she has more than risen to the occasion.

Pastor Jennifer is strong. Demonstrates leadership, and in turn, gives us confidence. Encourages us to see ourselves, as a Congregation with an undaunted spirit. And not one, dependent on a physical structure for strength. Also, encourages us, to use this crisis as an opportunity to open our hearts, feel the Holy Spirit within us, and act accordingly. No matter how strong, a Congregation is, it excels and accomplishes more, with a visionary leader. Her determination and guidance, as we recover, are a blessing.

Jennifer is a very compassionate person. Spontaneously offering comfort, as we struggle, to transcend our current tragedy, is helping us all heal. She speaks the words, within our hearts, gives voice to our feelings, our concerns, our fears, our hopes. Pastor Jennifer is a light! Our light! A bright and welcoming light, in the darkness, and the unknown. With Pastor Jennifer’s optimistic, and yet realistic perspective, we will rise even stronger, as our tragedy gives way to opportunity.

Our 3 services, in “the tent”, revealed to us, who we really are. We became transparent to ourselves. Our leaders rose. An intimate solidarity embraced us all. One light is great. Many lights are brilliant! And shining, above it all, is “our” Pastor Jennifer! She has the amazing ability to captivate us, with her delightful humor, and laughter, and at the same time, lead us, with her endless wisdom. What a great combination, for a pastor!!

Again, thank you for all you’ve done! And with the wonderful news of last week, that you plan to continue with us, we know, all will be OK! “We Shall Overcome”! Is not only inspiring. It is a comfort, and a call to action! We are in it together, with you, at the helm!

On behalf of the Congregation, we present this card, of thanks and heartfelt gratitude, to you!


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