Questions & Answers

The following questions and responses are from a meeting to update the congregation on the building status as of June 12, 2016.

Q: What is the condition of the organ?

A: The organ is salvageable and in pretty good shape. It will be cleaned and deodorized then put into storage.

Q: What about the pipes?

A: This organ does not have pipes. The ones we had were not used but are not salvageable. The Manna that was behind the altar is down and not salvageable.

Q: What is the condition of the grand piano?

A: The odds are 50/50 that it is salvageable. It sustained a lot of water damage. It was covered but still had damage. If the keyboard or insides were wet it is probably a loss.

Q: What is the condition of the altar, the pulpit and the lectern?

A: The altar is not in good shape and probably not salvageable. The pulpit is not salvageable. The lectern is being used under the tent and probably can be salvaged after cleaning.

Q: Will the entire building be raised?

A: A building inspector is coming tomorrow to begin estimates so we do not know at this point for sure what will happen. Ed stated that with his many years of work, he believes the building probably is not a total loss. Much of the structure is concrete and strong. The wood on the west side of the building sustained the most damage.

Q: What is the condition of Bradford Hall?

A: There is extensive water damage from flooding. The ceiling contains asbestos and that all must be remediated. We will finally be able to go into Bradford Hall now to clear out and inventory contents as the air quality from asbestos is now clear. The stairwell, triangle room and back room off Bradford also contain asbestos that needs to be remediated. All asbestos will be removed including asbestos found in floor glue and other ceilings.

Q: What about the kitchen?

A: The cabinets will have to be removed. The rest of the kitchen still needs to be checked.

Q: What about electric?

A: The electric switch gear is going to have to be replaced. We will also have to make changes in electric and probably add sprinkler systems to be up to current code.

Q: What about the stained glass downstairs?

A: It does have a little water damage but is not broken so it should be fine after cleaning.

Q: What shape are the pews in?

A: They are water damaged and covered in asbestos. The padding and covers will definitely have to be replaced. The feet have water damage and may or may not have to be replaced. They will be assessed after they are removed from the sanctuary.

Q: Is the cross above the altar in good shape:

A: No, it is not salvageable.

Q: What will you do to the exposed concrete?

A: The only exposed concrete is in Bradford Hall. It was painted so it will be repainted.

Q: What about the piano in Bradford?

A: They are 95% sure it is ok as it did not get a lot of water damage.

Q: What is the state of the unbroken roof skylight glass?

A: It will need to be taken down and have asbestos removed and be cleaned. The layer under the stained glass is a clear plexiglass and condition is not currently known.

Q: What is the condition of the education wing?

A: It sustained smoke damage. The fire doors did their job and closed so smoke got through but there is very little water damage. Things will need to be deodorized and cleaned.

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