The View

Lynn Lente

I live in a spot that’s as fair as can be,
In a free and wealthy land.
With scenes of beauty surrounding me,
My home is truly grand.

Yet the most amazing view af all
From my window every day
Is the steeple standing high and tall
On the church across the way.

No ordinary structure this,
But a landmark in the town.
For this church on the hill is built like a ship,
And seems to be sailing up and down!

Our Pilgrim Fathers would be so proud
To know their example set
Rings sweet and clear and loud
O’er this country, even yet.

Try as I may to look elsewhere,
At trees and hills and sky,
My glance is ever drawn back there
To the cross, where all hopes lie.

There like a beacon it calls to me,
No matter what my mood.
It mocks and scorns when I think I’m free,
And smiles at me when I’m good.

I start each day with a glance that way
In the morning fresh and still,
And thank my God for another day
And the strength that comes from the hill.

At sunset time when the heaven’s ablaze
With colors to capture the eye,
A thankful feeling brings my gaze
To the hill, and the cross in the sky.


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